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Our prices are the most competitive on the market. They start at very low values for simple tests like basic hardness test, results of which still include set of six measurements, statistics and a chart (visit our samples of test certificates), or at little bit higher value for an axial wedge test on fasteners, and for a full chemical analysis of a carbon steel.

There are many more tests and services we offer and perform regularly, which cannot all be listed here. These prices can be obtained upon request at info@agmcontest.com

Along with a personalized expert approach, we offer the fastest turn-around times on the market. To help you schedule your jobs better- and to keep the prices according to the needs, we have introduced as many as five strictly defined service levels (delivery options). Although our regular service is already very fast, we offer even more to you: when you ask for a “RUSH” service, it really means “rush rush” to us! We do it as the highest priority and your results might be ready even within ½ hour for some simple tests! Isn’t this option great?! Contact us directly to obtain additional information (info@agmcontest.com)

We do not promise what we cannot keep! We always keep our promise.

RELIABILITY and ACCURACY is our motto!

We appreciate your business!

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