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Tensile Test

Within our fully equipped department for mechanical testing we perform a number of standardized and custom designed tensile tests. Our regular procedure applies either ASTM or ASME and API Standards, depending on the requirements.

We also regularly perform testing in accordance with other national and international standards (EN, JIS, BNS, DIN, etc.).

Within our reports there are at least the following possibilities for the reported values:

a) Yield Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Elastic Ratio, Total Elongation, Reduction of Area – ALL obtained and reported within our standardized tensile test,

b) Strain Hardening Exponent (n-value), Plastic Strain Ratio (R-value; R-bar value ), Bake Hardening Index (BHI), Strain Hardening Index (SHI) tested and reported either separately or in combinations with other values

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