AGM Con-Test offers a comprehensive suite of Materials Testing Services, designed to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from automotive and steel-making to construction and oil & gas.

Our Mechanical Testing Services cover a broad spectrum, evaluating essential properties like tensile strength, yield strength, plasticity, toughness, hardness, and brittleness. Our range of tests includes Tensile Testing, Fastener Testing, Hardness Testing, Compression Testing, Bend Testing, Impact Testing (Charpy), and customized Mechanical Testing for materials like steel, ropes, nylon, full-size parts, and non-standard shapes.

We excel in Chemical Analysis, providing fast and accurate analysis of steel and steel products, meeting standards such as ASTM, SAE, CSA, NACE, and AWS.  Our Fastener Testing includes Axial and Wedge Tension Tests, and Weld Inspection services ensure the structural integrity of crucial joins.

AGM Con-Test’s Metallography Lab offers full specimen preparation for light microscopy, stereo-microscopy, SEM/EDS-microscopic analysis, micro-hardness, and customized metallurgical investigations. We specialize in Failure Analysis, interpreting results based on the latest material science and providing improvement strategies.

Our machining and preparation services, equipped with CNC machines, ensure precise sample preparation according to your specifications or testing standards.

Trust AGM Con-Test for reliable, high-quality Materials Testing Services that contribute to the success and safety of your products.

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