AGM CONTEST Metallography

AGM CON-TEST Metallography Lab

AGM CON-TEST does the full metallographic preparation of specimens within a neatly organized metallographic facility. 

Samples are prepared for inverted and polarized light microscopy techniques, SEM/EDS-microscopic analysis, micro-hardness, and other customized metallurgical investigations.

Light Microscopy


Image analysis

Microstructure examination

Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys with phase identification

Phase counting/porosity evaluation

Inclusion rating

Grain Size Determination

Case Depth Determination (microscopic or hardness methods)

Coating thickness measurements

White layer (nitrided) measurements

Decarburization/Carburization measurements (microscopic or hardness methods)


Hardness Profile/Survey

Case Depth


Macro examination

Weld (“cut & etch”) measurements

Surface discontinuities measurements and rating

Fracture examination

Porosity in welds

AGM CONTEST Metallography Hardness Test
AGM CONTEST Metallography Lab
AGM CONTEST Metallography lab
AGM CONTEST Metallography Materials Testing Grain