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Independent Laboratory for Metal Testing & Consulting

AGM Con-Test is an accredited independent materials testing laboratory and consulting service, established in 1998.  AGM Con-Test has been ISO 17025 accredited for almost 20 years.

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At AGM CON-TEST we offer:

Standardized and custom-designed tests and test methods

Expert analysis on technical prodedures

Cost-saving solutions and trouble shooting programs

Expert opinion in technical dispute cases

We offer the Following

Consulting Services

  • Cost savings for production lines and tooling
  • Implementation of new energy efficient technologies of manufacturing steel products
  • Heat Treatment Process
  • Hot/Cold Forming Process (Formability and Heat-treating Issues)
  • Purchasing, QA System and Quality of Steel
  • Choosing/Optimalization of Steel Quality
  • Cost-saving and Development Programs
  • Investments in Production Lines (Heat Treatment and Hot/Cold Forming Lines)
  • Establishing advanced, active Quality Control systems, which converge with 6σ-projects for increased efficiency and decreased down-times
  • Practical training and courses for steel metallurgy, heat treating, mechanical testing, metallography, circle grid analysis, weld analysis
  • Customized testing/consulting services

Mechanical Testing & Machining

Tensile Test

[Round/Flat/Tubular/Welded Specimens]

  • Standard test results
  • Plastic Strain Ratio, r-Value
  • Cold Working Exponent, n-Value


  • Axial and Wedge Tension Test
  • Proof Load Test

Compression Test

Guided Bent Test

  • Ductility of Welds

Bend Test of Metallic Materials

  • for Spring applications

Notched Bar Impact Test

(Charpy V-notch)

  • at room and sub-zero temperatures

Hardness Test

  • Rockwell A-, B-, C-, and Superficial N-, T-Scales

Customized Mechanical Tests

Machining/Preparation of Specimens

Metallography & Chemical Analysis



Metallography of Steel & Steel Products

  • Analysis of Structure
  • Determination of Inclusion Content
  • Grain Size Determination
  • Case Depth Determination
  • Depth of Decarburization
  • Microhardness Determination
  • Light- and Stereo-Microscopy
  • Macro- / Micro-photography


Chemical Analysis

  • Carbon Steel
  • Tool Steel
  • Stainless Steel


Product Group Analysis




Sheet / Round / Tubular Steel Products

  • Full Metallographic Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Comprehensive Testing of Mechanical Properties including Tensile-/Compression Test, Impact Test, Bend Test, Hardness Test, Micro-hardness Test
  • Formability of Sheet Metal (Circle Grid Analysis)
  • Failure Analysis
  • Customized Tests

Weld Test

  • Mechanical Properites in Tensile-, Impact-, and Guided Bend Tests
  • Full Metallographic Analysis (Porosity, Depth of Penetration, Structure, Microhardness, etc)


  • Full Metallographic Analysis (Case Depth, Depth of Decarburization, Micro-Hardness, etc)
  • Mechanical Properties in Tensile Test (Axial, Wedge and Proof Load)
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Failure Analysis

Our Lab

Our testing is conducted in an environmentally controlled and exceptionally clean industrial space in the heart of the Concord industrial area (near Steeles & Dufferin), within easy reach to our customers.

Our laboratory offers various testing services including hardness, tensile, compression, bend and impact testing, circle grid analysis, chemical analysis, bake hardening index determinations, plastic strain ratio determinations, weld verification, and metallographic investigations.  We have an in-house machine shop, metallurgical lab and microscopy lab.  Additionally, we can provide our customers with material failure analysis.

Our team has a deep scientific knowledge and broad industrial experience in manufacturing processes, machining and forming processes, tribology, heat treating and weld quality.

Our location puts us in close proximity to our customers in many industries in Southwestern Ontario, including automotive, steelmaking and processing, chemical, and oil & energy.

Milo M. Banda, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Eng.

Founder & General Manager

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116 Viceroy Road,

Building C, Units 11-12, Concord ON L4K 2M3


116 Viceroy Road, Building C, Units 11-12, Concord ON L4K 2M3

phone: 905-760-9322


General Manager:

Milo M. Banda B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Eng.