Weld Inspection


Weld Inspection & Qualification


Inspecting weld strength is a highly important test. Welding is achieved by heating metal to the point where it fuses to another piece of metal once cooled. Two separate pieces of metal should almost become one single piece in terms of strength and appearance.

Welds are used in all manner of crucial areas and builds. Welding is used in almost any weight-bearing mechanism or device and this means that any failure for the join could result in serious injury or malfunction.

Welding inspection services are considered highly important investments as well as a type of health insurance for anyone working with or around your welding.  Not only are weld inspections seen as a moral imperative, but save money on repair, sick leave for injured staff, and expensive lawsuits. By also getting weld inspection for your products you also prevent items from being recalled or needing to be replaced.


Money spent on weld inspection pays for itself.


Furthermore, by ensuring that you are putting out a quality product that won’t continually break or fail, you improve the reputation of your business thereby ensuring you get good reviews and repeat customers.

Weld verification tests the welding procedure against set specifications. This includes the temperature of the metal base before the welding process affecting the quality of the final weld.  Similarly, it also dictates the correct speed for the welding to cool and the materials used in the process. 

Weld inspection testing is a highly important service among mechanical inspection services designed to test the structural integrity of products and equipment to check that they are safe and fit for purpose.  In mechanical engineering and design, welds are used to join metal surfaces at high temperatures.  If this is used in consumer products or industrial equipment then they must be secure enough to prevent any potential breakages or accidents.

AGM CONTEST Weld Inspection
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