Failure Analysis

AGM CON-TEST offers comprehensive Failure Analysis services, utilizing in-depth scientific knowledge in mechanical engineering and metallurgy. From heat-treating of steel to advanced fractography, our experts identify and interpret failure causes, providing efficient technical solutions for improved product design and reliability.

Welcome to AGM CON-TEST, your trusted partner in Failure Analysis. In the dynamic world of manufacturing and design, understanding the causes of mechanical failure is crucial for enhancing product reliability and performance. Our comprehensive services are designed to empower businesses with valuable insights, ensuring your products meet and exceed industry standards.

We help you design the perfect object.

Key Features of AGM CON-TEST Failure Analysis:

In-Depth Scientific Knowledge:

  • AGM CON-TEST is rooted in deep scientific knowledge across various fields of mechanical engineering and metallurgy. Our team leverages technical capabilities in heat-treating of steel, advanced fractography, metallurgical, chemical, and other analyses to provide concise and accurate results.

Confidentiality and Legal Compliance:

  • We understand the importance of confidentiality. AGM CON-TEST adheres to strict legal requirements to protect your interests, ensuring that all results are kept confidential throughout the analysis process.

Problem Evaluation and Technical Consultation:

  • Our experts not only identify the root causes of mechanical failure but also offer support in evaluating the problem. We provide efficient technical solutions, guiding you towards improvements that enhance the overall design and performance of your products.

Failure Testing vs. Failure Analysis:

    • Failure Testing: Conducted before problems occur, Failure Testing is a proactive approach aimed at identifying potential weak links in the system, such as materials, fasteners, or welding.
    • Failure Analysis: Utilized after a breakdown, Failure Analysis acts as forensic examination, delving deep into the reasons behind system failures. It provides valuable insights for corrective actions and future improvements.

The Importance of Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is not something to be feared but embraced as a crucial part of the design process. Data collected and analyzed determines the cause of mechanical failure, allowing for swift identification of problems during product development.


Benefits for Product Development:

Identifying Weak Links:

  • Our experts scrutinize multiple components of a design to pinpoint the weak links causing failure. This includes assessing materials, fasteners, welding, and other critical elements.

Efficient Technical Solutions:

  • Results obtained from failure analysis guide the design of highly reliable, durable products capable of withstanding various loads, temperatures, and future circumstances.

Enhanced Product Reliability:

  • By addressing failure causes, AGM CON-TEST contributes to enhanced product reliability, preventing failures under intended circumstances and boosting overall product performance.


Choose AGM CON-TEST for Failure Analysis services that go beyond identification, offering solutions that elevate your product design and reliability. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and ensure the success of your products in the market.

AGM CONTEST Failure Analysis Bend Test
AGM CONTEST Failure Analysis
AGM CONTEST Failure Analysis Bend Test

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