Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis – AGM CON-TEST

Perform comprehensive analysis

Interpret results based on the latest material science

Compare findings with standard requirements

Develop improvement strategies

We keep your results confidential and follow all legal requirements to protect your interests.

We help you design the perfect object.

AGM CONTEST Failure Analysis Tensile Testing

AGM CON_TEST failure analysis is based on in-depth scientific knowledge in various fields of mechanical engineering and metallurgy.

Technical capabilities in heat-treating of steel, advanced fractography, metallurgical, chemical, and other analyzes give concise results.

We offer support in evaluating the problem and consult customers on the possible and most efficient technical solutions.

AGM CONTEST Failure Analysis Bend Test
AGM CONTEST Failure Analysis Bend Test

Failure is nothing to be afraid of and it is a crucial part of the design process.  Data is collected and analyzed to determine the cause of mechanical failure.

We quickly identify the exact problem with products in development and you get your product into the commercial market.

Existing products are analyzed and tested using non-destructive testing methods in which the product remains intact even if it should fail.

Failure Testing and Failure Analysis


  • Failure Testing is for before the problem occurs.
  • Failure Analysis is used after the system has broken down.  Forensics.

Regardless of what is being manufactured failure analysis insures the product and service won’t fail under the circumstances for which it is intended.  Results are inspected so changes can be made to make your product fit for purpose.

Failure Analysis for Product Development

AGM will look at multiple components of a design to find the weak link that causes the failure.  Examples include the material, fasteners, or welding.

Results help you design a product that is highly reliable, durable, and able to withstand various loads, temperatures, situations, and any future circumstances.

AGM CONTEST Failure Analysis